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A complete, game-based learning system for mastering bird sounds and visual identification

Highly efficient, structured practice based on proven cognitive techniques.

Identification tips from Michael O'Brien and Steve Mlodinow—two of the top field birders in North America.

Completely customizable—learn the birds you want to learn.

Unprecedented coverage of sound and plumage variations encountered in the field.

What our users say about us

With a 4.8 star review on the App Store and over 30k users, Larkwire is committed to delivering an amazing experience to helping you learn birds.

Have you always wanted to know what birds you were hearing and seeing?

If you love birds, knowing bird songs and bird calls is like being able to speak their language.

You can download different songpacks and customize them to learn the bird songs you want or to get ready for that special birding trip. Here are some of our most popular packs.

Larkwire can be purchased as an app for iPhone or iPad in the Apple App Store. You can also play the online version in any desktop browser.

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