• Everyone can learn. Beginner level focuses on the easy, foundation songs; Intermediate level introduces more challenging songs; Advanced level offers nearly the full complexity of field birding.
  • Identification notes from Michael O'Brien provide indispensable tips on how to distinguish confusing species.
  • As many as nine recordings for one song type show the full range of what you'll hear in the field. You learn the species, not a particular bird.
  • Built-in comparison groups enable you to instantly compare similar songs.
Robin-like comparison group in game
Robin-like comparison group, intermediate level

It's fun

Larkwire turns learning bird songs into a game. Okay, maybe not as much fun as birding—but as close as you can get while standing in line at the bank!

It's fast

Larkwire is designed to fit into your schedule. Play when you want, for how long you want. Larkwire keeps track of it all and let's you pick up next time right where you left off.

It's effective

Larkwire works because it's based on decades of research in the psychology of learning, including test effects and techniques of optimal scheduling. It uses different games for different stages of learning: The Gallery is ideal for learning to hear the differences between songs. The Field lets you practice ID from memory—more like real birding.

Larkwire tracks every single learning event in your history and uses adaptive algorithms to adjust to your learning pace and style. Because it is based on the way your mind works, the longer you use it, the better it adapts to you.

It's flexible

You have complete control over which species you learn. Focus on orioles and blackbirds, on sparrows of the open field, or even set up a playoff between Townsend's and Hermit Warbler.

Unique audio collection

Larkwire's audio collection is unparalleled, both in depth and quality. Drawing on the renowned collections of the Macaulay Library (Cornell) and the Borror Lab (Ohio State), we typically have at least three (but often many more) examples for each type of song or call, so that you learn the species not a particular bird.

Just as important, every sample has been digitally mastered to remove artifacts such as background sounds. Most audio collections leave these in, but removing them is essential for learning. Otherwise, you're almost certain to rely on artifacts when trying to distinguish confusing sounds.