Robin-like comparison group in game
Robin-like comparison group, intermediate level

Bird Song Comparison Groups

One of the best ways to learn bird songs is by comparing small groups of related sounds. As a beginner, the differences are big: a robin's rich cheer-up, cheerily carol versus a chickadee's fee-bee whistle. For advanced learners, the differences can be much more subtle. At all levels, learning to hear the differences is the key to mastering bird songs.
All content below is from our Master Birder songpack: Land Birds of North America, Songs & essential calls. These are only excerpts, but they are a great place to start learning.
Try the demo to see many more recordings for these species and to play the games that will help you learn these songs.

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  1. Beginner Comparison Groups - Eastern/Central region
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  3. Intermediate Comparison Groups - Eastern/Central region (excerpts)
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  5. Advanced Comparison Groups - Eastern/Central region (excerpts)
  6. Advanced Comparison Groups - Western region (excerpts)

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