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This is a beginner-level comparison group of clear-toned bird songs and sounds from Land Birds of North America, Eastern/Central region.
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American Robin
Extended song in caroling rhythm. Cheer-up, cheerily, cheer-up, cheerily, cheer-up, cheer-up, cheerily.
Black-capped Chickadee
Two pure-toned whistles, second one lower. Feee-beee.
Northern Cardinal
Variable series of loud, one- or two-syllable whistles; usually two-parted, with second part faster. Pretty pretty birdy-birdy-birdy-birdy.
Common Yellowthroat
High and clear with rising and falling rhythm: witch-a-tee witch-a-tee witch-a-tee.
Yellow Warbler
Sweet, clear whistles, typically with quick "stutter" phrase before final rising or descending note. Much variation, but two common patterns: sweet sweet sweet little-more sweet and sweet sweet sweet me-me-me-too.
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