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This is a beginner-level comparison group of complex bird songs and sounds from Land Birds of North America, Eastern/Central region.
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Song Sparrow
Lazy mix of buzzy and whistled notes; often begins with two or three strong notes. Spring spring spring sneeeeeze season.
House Finch
Fast, scratchy warble, often with drawn-out burry notes.
Northern Mockingbird
Extended and varied song with distinctive, slow rhythm of two to eight or more repetitions, and many imitations of other species.
Hermit Thrush
Beautifully ethereal, spiraling whistle with level, pure-toned introductory note.
House Wren
Rapid bubbling chatter, higher in the middle.
Recordings copyright 2011-2012 Macaulay Library, all rights reserved. All photos (except as noted) copyright 2011-2012 Brian E. Small, all rights reserved. Song Sparrow: Copyright Cameron Rognan. Hermit Thrush: Licensed under Creative Commons by Simon Pierre Barrette. Song texts copyright 2011-2012 Larkwire, LLC., all rights reserved.