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This is an intermediate-level comparison group of finch-like songs and sounds from Land Birds of North America, Western region.
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Purple Finch
A fast, rich warble; lower, faster, and smoother than House Finch.
House Finch
Higher, huskier, and slower than Purple; more descending overall; often with drawn-out burry notes.
Warbling Vireo
Similar to House Finch but slower and clearer, with more distinct high and low notes, and no drawn-out burry notes. Western birds buzzier with more high notes than Eastern.
Lazuli Bunting
Fast jumble of ringing, metallic notes; higher, faster, and more ringing then House Finch.
American Goldfinch
Rapid chattering jumble, usually with some quickly repeated notes.
Pine Siskin
Frantic mix of buzzy and chattering notes; frequently includes imitations and distinctive jeea call notes.
House Wren
Rapid bubbling chatter, higher in the middle; Western birds slightly harsher, more strident, with short descending trills; Eastern smoother and bubblier.
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