This is an intermediate-level comparison group of robin-like bird songs and sounds from Land Birds of North America, Eastern/Central region.
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American Robin
Extended songs in caroling rhythm with short sets of separate phrases broken by distinct pauses; each set commonly ends in a higher, more trilled phrase. Tanager, grosbeak, and vireo songs usually shorter. Cheer-up, cheerily, cheer-up, cheerily, cheer-up, cheer-up, cheerily.
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
More pure-toned and continuous than American Robin; like a robin that took singing lessons.
Red-eyed Vireo
Higher, less varied than American Robin with longer breaks between phrases. Here-I-am, way-up-here, high-in-the-tree, can-you-see-me?
Scarlet Tanager
Burrier, shorter, and more continuous than American Robin.
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