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This is a beginner-level comparison group of simple bird songs and sounds from Land Birds of North America, Eastern/Central region.
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Eastern Phoebe
A burry fee-bee.
Eastern Towhee
Loud, simple song of buzzy and ringing notes. Typically three-parted, ending in a trill. Drink your teeeeea.
House Sparrow
Repeated cheer-up phrases.
Horned Lark
Series of high, tinkling notes that accelerate and rise at the end.
Black-and-white Warbler
High and thin, with even, roller coaster pattern of rising and falling notes: wee-see wee-see wee-see wee-see.
Recordings copyright 2011-2012 Macaulay Library, all rights reserved. All photos (except as noted) copyright 2011-2012 Brian E. Small, all rights reserved. Eastern Towhee: Copyright Tim Gallagher. House Sparrow: Licensed under Creative Commons by Dave-F. Song texts copyright 2011-2012 Larkwire, LLC., all rights reserved.