Desktop and laptop
Larkwire works best in Firefox or Chrome. It also works in current versions of Internet Explorer and Safari. It may have hiccups in older versions of any of these browsers.
iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Purchase through iTunes if you want to use Larkwire exclusively on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Once installed, no internet connection is required.
Note: Due to a bug in iOS7, it is no longer possible to login to your online account from your iOS device. We're working to remedy this situation, but in the meantime, if you wish to use Larkwire on your iPad or iPhone, we recommend purchasing it in the App Store.
The web version of Larkwire also works on all Apple devices with current or recent versions of iOS. There's no app to install—just click the Try It Now button and start playing. Of course, an internet connection is required.
The web app will fit your iPad or iPhone/Touch screen best when launched from a home screen bookmark. To add one, first open Larkwire in Safari. Then tap the Add Bookmarks icon ( or +) and select Add to Home Screen. Now Larkwire will open using your full screen.
If you need to update your device's operating system, it's easy to do in iTunes. Larkwire works best with recent version of iOS.
Larkwire works on many Android devices. There's no app to install—just click the Try It Now button and start playing.
Because of the wide variety of Android devices available, it's not possible for us to test all of them. Please test your device before purchasing.
If you're having trouble with audio, we recommend trying the Firefox mobile browser. If it's available for your device, you can download it free from the Marketplace.
If you're not sure about your device, try the demo. It's a full version of the game, simply with fewer songs.